Extensive hair loss? See the cause!

(Last Updated On: 23 August 2018)

Everyday we lose hair and it is not surprising. Sadly in certain cases hair falls out extensively. As a rule this is how our organisms suggest something. What does extensive hair loss mean then?

When we lose large amounts of hair, it is a problem we cannot avoid. Strands of hair can be seen on combs, on washbasins, in the bathtub. For sure we can see them on our clothes. This is when we start worrying and choose preparations serving to help us with hair loss and force new strands to grow. Parallel to choosing intensive care treatments, we also should go for checkup and learn the cause of the hair loss. Below we have presented the most common causes of extensive hair loss and we have provided some tips in this respect.

Causes of extensive hair loss:

  1. Neglected health, as well as mental and physical fitness

Hair frequently starts falling our when it „protests” against unhealthy lifestyle. A diet devoid of vitamins and other nutrients, too little sleep, stress and fatigue cause our hair to thin. If we have lead such a lifestyle, we shouldn’t be surprised with our poor haircut. Instead of making a drama, we should choose a healthy lifestyle and see early effects soon after.


  1. Invasive hair styling

Unfortunately hair styling by means of tools which require hot air, dyeing, dye removal, use of hairspray cause our hair to get weak, dry and start falling out. If this is the case, it is advisable to forget about aggressive styling for a while and rest on internal hair nourishment.


  1. Hormonal issues

Difficulties in keeping a suitable number of hormones is one of the most frequent causes of hair loss and extensive drying. Sadly doctors are the only solution in this respect. If we spot an extensive hair loss, we should immediately visit a doctor who will probably order further tests. Hair loss is a sign of at least a few diseases – e.g. ovary, adrenal glands, thyroid gland diseases. We frequently ignore the fact that variable hormone level may result from allergies and food intolerance, thus we should examine ourselves in this respect.


  1. Head skin diseases

Sometimes extensive hair loss is a result of head skin disease. The most common cause is seborrhoeic or atopic dermatitis and if this is the case we must visit a doctor (dermatologist).

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