Health and libido – how to take care of both at the same time?

(Last Updated On: 20 August 2018)

Sex goes hand in hand with health. Healthy people are more willing to have sex, and this in turn has a positive impact on health. If you have problems with one of them, probably something is also wrong with the other. 

Our desire to have sex is frequently dependent upon health. While a flu deprives us of any willingness for a week, a generally poor health has a long-term impact on our libido. Are there any actions we can take to improve both health and libido? Of course there are.

Reduce alcohol consumption

A glass of wine to get courageous will not affect sexual experience. A small amount of alcohol will “release the brakes” and help us relax, thanks to which we will get rid of stress in intimate moments. It will clearly have a positive influence on the time with your partner. A different story is when we lose control and drink too much. Too much alcohol will make us fall into the arms of Morpheus rather than our partner. Aside from occasional boozy parties, regular and frequent alcohol consumption is much more dangerous to our libido and health. With time men’s and women’s capabilities deteriorate. Alcohol is a serious threat to our liver which is responsible for our metabolism. If a man suffers from liver failure, his testosterone level drops, and consequently potency and libido. Regular drinking disturbs functions of many systems in our organism, and impotence is only one of complaints.

Deal with stress

Stress, multitude of duties and lack of time simply cause us to forget about sex. Even when we have an opportunity to have sex, we have difficulties in relaxing and forgetting about problems and focusing on intimacy. A regular level of adrenaline and cortisol – the so-called stress hormone does not let us relax. As a consequence, our libido decreases, and a continuous tension affects our health and mood. The solution is to eliminate the source of stress, defeat it or at least reduce. A great way of de-stressing is… a satisfying sex. To make it happen however, we need to control our nerves.

Care of healthy sleep

Sitting up till late at night and getting insufficient sleep is a cause of numerous problems. Since we do not give our organism time to relax and regenerate, we are tired, cannot concentrate and we are not in a good mood. At the same time testosterone and estrogen level drops and, which as we now know affects sex drive. But fatigue is enough to associate bed with sleep only. Healthy and long sleep can eliminate such problems but we should remember that we cannot sleep long enough in advance – thus we should take care of our sleep on a regular basis.

Treating diseases

Cardiovascular diseases, such as blood pressure disorders, cardiac insufficiency or atherosclerotic disease block a smooth blood flow and thus prevent proper blood supply to particular organs. Thyroid gland issues – hyperthyroidism or thyrotoxicosis – substantially affect hormone balance, which also causes the libido to decrease. Sadly all these disorders are frequently ignored. We may not even realize that we have them. That’s why we must prevent cardiovascular diseases, take care of alarming symptoms and undertake treatment, if needed. If we fail to do so, we will face consequences, and unwillingness to have sex will be the least of our problems.

A graduate of dietetics at Coventry University. He continuously expands his academic knowledge by participating in training and conferences. When developing diets, he takes into account patients’ food preferences, seasonality, day plan, potential disorders, and body composition analysis results. He prepares nutritional programs on the basis of latest recommendations and scientific news. He motivates, supports and works on the change of dietary habits among his patients so that the effects they obtain are durable.