How to do low-calorie shopping

(Last Updated On: 23 August 2018)

A visit to a grocer’s is one of the biggest challenges when we are on a diet. Can we omit a row of sweets? Will we break waiting at the counter? 

When you are on a diet and have to do the shopping, it is a nightmare, similarly when you go to the restaurant with friends and when you see that they order chicken and double chips. You are tempted everywhere, and looking at others’ baskets reminds you about all the things you have denied. Let alone clever marketing tricks – when a forbidden product is packed in a shiny box and available at hand, wherever you go.

How to deal with all that? Here you have the answers!

Prepare a meal schedule for the next few days. On this basis draw up a shopping list and stick to it. Take into account whims which you may come across at the least expected moment – do not forget to add fruits, vegetables and yoghurts which can save you from sneaking food.

Never go shopping when you are hungry. This is when we make the worst food-related decisions – each chocolate bar seems to be our savior.

Buy ingredients, rather than final product. If you can prepare something on your own (e.g. instead of fruit yoghurt, buy natural one and mix with fresh fruits) – do it. You will save hundreds of calories hidden in ready products.

Instead of juices or fizzy drinks, pick mineral water (there are no calories!), and if you want to try something new, choose something to enrich the flavor – lemon, orange or mint.

Read labels. Products which are available in healthy food rows not necessarily contain fewer calories. The same applies to light products – not only do they contain the same number of calories as “normal” products do, but they are also enriched with harmful substances which in large amounts may affect your health.

Avoid rows with crisps, sweets and other products which may break you. It is advisable to go to large stores in which each type of food has its own section, and you don’t need to pass all shelves and be endangered by their content.

Think about something which can distract your attention from sweets at the counter. Put on the headphones, read a paper or enter a discussion with another customer. It is the counter where you can easily choose something you have managed to ignore throughout the entire visit to the store.

Remember – if you don’t buy a product, you will not be tempted afterwards. After all who would go out at night just to buy chocolate? If your shopping is reasonable, your diet will be easier!

A registered medical dietitian. She has been dealing with dietetics for many years and expanding her knowledge through participation in dietetics-related conferences and training as well as reading scientific press. She helps children and adults to overcome their dietary difficulties, such as overweight and underweight, and get rid of bad eating habits. She also lectures on dietetics and proper supplementation. Thanks to the work in one of the largest dietetics companies in England, she learned the importance of suitable motivation and support in the process of changing eating habits. She gets much satisfaction when she can encourage people to lead healthy lifestyle. She knows well that everyone has own specific needs, and therefore she diagnoses all her patients on a case-by-case basis.