Stop smoking with two-stage Nicofrin treatment!

(Last Updated On: 20 August 2018)

Have you used many different methods to fight the addiction, but none of them gave permanent results? Try Nicofrin – a new product which conquered the market of supplements in the United States and now goes on sale in European countries.


Choose a professional, two-stage treatment – easy, quick and natural method to quit smoking!


See how the supplement works

Stage 1 – Detoxification

An addicted body feels the first symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. Then, a high concentration of kudzu improves detoxification processes and prevents the further spread of toxins. Thanks to being combined with rhodiola, it stimulates the production of enzymes that effectively support the elimination of harmful chemical substances and eliminate any negative effects they may have on your body. As a result, even the compounds insoluble in water, including heavy metals, are removed from the body really fast. During this stage, the effective regeneration of the body: improvement of the functioning of cilia in the lungs and the entire respiratory system.


Stage II – Balance

A combination of rhodiola with kudzu in the right proportions adapted to the condition of the body, relieves the immune system and increases the internal resistance. The cooperation of these two components helps restore the acid-base balance in the body, necessary for the proper functioning of metabolic processes. The body strengthens the effects of the first phase, at the same time activating repair mechanisms. At this stage, you feel emotional solace, the withdrawal symptoms such as fatigue, nervousness, insomnia or lack of concentration, disappear. As a result, the body is gradually freed from the addiction, which results in reaching an overall balance.

Directions for use: 4 lozenges per day, slowly dissolve them in your mouth. If you feel an urge to smoke a cigarette, the dose may be increased up to 12 lozenges a day.


Go for natural active ingredients

Kudzu – the root of the Asian and African plant, rich in starch and isoflavones, used in the treatment of many ailments. Has a positive effect on digestion, reduces nervous tension and fatigue, cleanses the body and relieves the desire to reach for addictive substances, such as alcohol or nicotine.

Rhodiola – or more specifically rhodiola rosea, is a unique herb growing in the Arctic regions of Europe and Asia. It increases the body’s resistance to stress, strengthens the nervous system, increases physical endurance, has antioxidant properties, soothes and helps fight diseases caused by stress.


Why is it worth using it – Nicofrin in a nutshell:

– gradually removes nicotine from the body

– cleanses your body

– reduces withdrawal symptoms

– discreet, easy-to-use solution

– natural ingredients

– innovative formula

– scientifically proven effectiveness

– positive reviews all over the world (best-seller in the USA!)

– affordable price

– available in stores and online pharmacies.

Do you want to see if Nicofrin really works? Place your order today and get a natural motivation to quit smoking once and for all!

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