Herbasnorex: Sleep well!

(Last Updated On: 20 August 2018)

Snoring is a cumbersome condition that causes sleep problems affecting not only you, but also the people around you. Did you know that it can have dangerous consequences in the form of sleep apnea, hypoxia of the body and increased susceptibility to diseases of the circulatory system?

Fortunately, you can prevent this – choose Herbasnorex, a natural spray, and start an effective fight against snoring!

How does Herbasnorex work?

  • Removes phlegm that obstructs breathing
  • Relieves swelling, caused by snoring
  • Improves oxygenation of the body
  • Affects sound sleep, increases concentration, boosts energy levels
  • Effective from the very first use!


Major active ingredients:

Mallow flower – rich in anthocyanins, flavonoids and tannins, contains a large amount of compounds, reducing the problems with expectorating. Relieves dryness and the feeling of scratchy throat, enables easy removal of secretions retained in the respiratory tract, has anti-inflammatory properties, soothes irritations, facilitates the treatment of cough and hoarseness.

Marshmallow root – already since the Middle Ages it’s been used to treat respiratory-related ailments. It alleviates the problems associated with mucous membrane in the throat, brings relief in the case of cough and asthma, and relieves inflammations.

Coltsfoot Leaf – used in the diseases of the upper respiratory tract, contributes to reducing the thickness of the mucus retained in the throat and stimulates the movement of cilia, causing cough reflex. It contains flavonoids, which reduce smooth muscle tension of the upper respiratory tract and the bronchial tubes.

Salvia officinalis – has antiseptic and germicidal properties, relieves sore throat, has astringent properties and works as an expectorant.

Peppermint – rich in menthol, tannins and mineral salts, eliminates respiratory ailments. Used in upper respiratory tract infections and inflammations.

Thanks to a combination of the above-mentioned substances, Herbasnorex is 100% natural and safe. The spray contains no chemical components or ingredients irritating the throat and its effectiveness has been confirmed in a number of clinical studies. High-efficiency of this solution is also confirmed by the reviews from satisfied customers from all over the world! Do you want to learn if it’s true? Search for the information about Herbasnorex on a special medical forum addressing the problems of snoring.

How to use the Herbasnorex spray?

– shake several times before use

– apply sublingually and on the walls of the throat, by pressing the dispenser 3 times

– use at any time, not exceeding 3 applications a day.

Do you dream about getting rid of snoring? Don’t risk a surgery or search artificial substitutes! Place your order for Herbasnorex today in a selected online store, to enjoy calm sleep and a significant improvement in life quality!

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