How to gain muscle mass?

(Last Updated On: 20 August 2018)

As far as body is concerned, perfectly shaped muscles are now one of the priorities. To have impressive muscles, we need to put much effort. It is all about two issues: proper diet and intensive workout.  

Specialists frequently emphasize that to gain muscle mass, we need a positive energy balance. The purpose is to make sure our organism receives more food energy than necessary. For this reason we should gradually add additional calories to our diet. Certainly we need to remember to provide all necessary nutrients.

To build our muscles, we have to intensify our workout. It is essential that we consult a professional. They work in all large gyms. They will prepare a workout schedule based on our possibilities and needs. Thanks to this, we can be sure we train all muscles equally.

To ensure effective workout, our organism must be supplied with suitable amounts of muscle glycogen which is activated by carbohydrates. We have to remember that proper storage in the organism, as well as optimal muscle growth is possible if nutrients are supplied on a regular basis. Therefore, aside from well-selected foods, we must consume 4-6 meals a day, at intervals of 3 hours at the most.

A graduate of dietetics at Coventry University. He continuously expands his academic knowledge by participating in training and conferences. When developing diets, he takes into account patients’ food preferences, seasonality, day plan, potential disorders, and body composition analysis results. He prepares nutritional programs on the basis of latest recommendations and scientific news. He motivates, supports and works on the change of dietary habits among his patients so that the effects they obtain are durable.