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Jelly Bear Hair is a product that contains hair vitamins in form of jellies. This is undoubtedly the most pleasant and friendly form of providing our body the most vital nutrients to our health. Other similar products are no match for Jelly Bear Hair. Taking it is easy, healthy and extremely efficient.


Jelly Bear Hair ingredients

The strongest point Jelly Bear Hair are its ingredients. This product consists of 13 unique ingredients, which are highly important for your health. With Jelly Bear Hair our daily requirements for those vitamins are satisfied in even 500%! The ingredients are:

Biotin (500% NRV*) – often called as the beauty vitamin. It makes hair look thicker, easier to manage, but most of all hair become healthier, stronger, and do not fall out so frequently.

Vitamin E (200% NRV*) – affects skin and hair hydration, making hair look shiny and healthy. Vitamin E also participates in regeneration of damaged hair.

Vitamin A (100% NRV*) – not providing enough vitamin A to our body, hair will be dry, damaged, susceptible to mechanical damage, and will fall out excessively.

Vitamin B6 (200% NRV*) – is an ingredient supporting proper hair growth, as well as protects hair against diseases and other harmful factors (e.g. unfavourable weather conditions or mechanical damage). Vitamin B6 helps maintain natural hair colour longer.

Pantothenic acid (200% NRV*) – is also know as vitamin B5, which supports proper hair growth. Thanks to this vitamin our hair are more resistant to cold, wind, or excessive heat (e.g. while using a dryer or hair straightener).

Niacin (200% NRV*) – also known as vitamin B3. It stimulates natural hair colour, hydrates hair, and has anti-dandruff properties. Similarly to other B vitamins, it strengthens hair that is why they do not fall out so frequently, simultaneously improving their growth.

Folic acid (200% NRV*) – is mainly associated with supplementation of pregnant women and those who want to get pregnant, it is also a vitamin which positively affects our hair. Folic acid is also known as vitamin B9. It ensures proper hair growth and healthy looks.

Vitamin B12 (200% NRV*) – lack of this vitamin causes loss of natural hair colour (especially darker hair) as well as excessive hair loss.

Copper (100% NRV*) – strengthens hair, makes them soft and flexible. It positively affects hair natural colour and split ends.

Zinc (100% NRV*) – is responsible for proper hair structure, also makes them flexible, healthy as well as shiny.

Selenium (100% NRV*) – this vitamin should be taken when our hair are dull and brittle. It increases hair flexibility and resistance.

Thiamine (100% NRV*) – is another very important vitamin from the B group, also known as B1. It plays a crucial role in the sebaceous gland balance. Low amount of thiamine is also the cause of excessively fatty hair.

Manganese (100% NRV*) – deficiency of this vitamin is one of the causes of brittle hair, split ends, unhealthy hair look, as well as excessive hair loss.

NRV* – Nutrient Reference Value

The above mentioned ingredients play many important roles in our body, apart from the benefits concerning our looks and hair health. These vitamins and microelements also give us beautiful skin and nails, positively affect our blood circulation, vitality, well-being, and general health condition.

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Jelly Bear Hair – how does it work?

Jelly Bear Hair is a comprehensive hair care and protection. Complete your diet with the nutrients contained within jellies and give yourself a healthy, shiny, and rejuvenated hair. Jelly Bear Hair results have been confirmed by hundreds of satisfied customer.

This is a fantastic alternative for the unpleasant pill swallowing, labour-intensive rub-ons, face masks and conditioners, or expensive care treatments at beauty salons.

Jelly Bear Hair is a trustworthy way to gain a beautiful hair that you’ve always dreamed of. This product is irreplaceable.

Genuine and honest opinions about Jelly Bear Hair – review

“This product is just perfect. Cheap, effective and delicious. I definitely recommend it to everyone”
LittleMy, 23 years old

“I hate swallowing tablets. Even when I am ill I am not taking any. My dermatologist prescribed me some tablets. I had bought them, because I thought that I will be taking them. They were left on the shelf and eventually I had to throw them out… Regularity was never one of my qualities. Now I have to worry to not exceed the daily dose 😉 The jellies are delicious and the results are wonderful! All of my friends want to know my secret. Maybe you could give me a discount for doing so? :)”
Katie, 20 years old

“After giving birth to my child I felt bald… During pregnancy my hair stopped falling out and I looked beautiful. I have never had such beautiful hair before. After childbirth, I wept when my hair was falling out excessively. Luckily my friend gave me a package of Jelly Bear Hair as a gift, she told me that it helped her. At first, I was sceptical, but my hair stopped falling out and new started to grow very quickly. I had “baby hair” everywhere, now my hair are beautiful, healthy and shiny. Also, I’ve noticed to have stronger nails and better complexion – which is not easy to get while breastfeeding. I have never thought that jellies can save my hair. Now I look better than during pregnancy.”
Victoria, 35 years old

“I decided to buy these jellies when I saw their ingredients and the number of vitamins they contain. Previously I was swallowing lots of tablets. Now I eat two jellies per day, one in the morning and one in the evening. The results are far better. What is more, I have no stomachache after these jellies, unlike after those tablets.
Daria, 25 years old

“At first, the opinions of other girls seemed to me as a sponsored advertising. Now I know that they just want to share their happiness. After buying these jellies I’ve decided to write my first review on the internet. After 3 months my hair have looked like they never did before. The jellies taste OK, even thou I don’t like jellies. They are simply amazing.”

Golden_hair, 31 years old

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