Biotin hair – a beauty vitamin or another fraud? Are biotin tablets good?

(Last Updated On: 23 August 2018)

Most people, who are looking for methods on how to gain healthy and beautiful hair, eventually come across keywords such as “biotin hair”, “biotin tablets”. Everyone, who takes care of the condition and looks of their hair, are going to find in this article answers for questions such as, what is the famous biotin and is it really worth taking.

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Biotin hair. Does it really help?

First, I would like to dispel all doubts. Biotin is a vitamin from the B group, more accurately B7, also known as vitamin H or the beauty vitamin. But, where does this nickname come from? Research clearly shows its beneficial results on our looks. If you are wondering whether biotin for hair is a good idea for your looks – then the answer is only one: DEFINITELY YES!

Biotin plays a vital role in the process of hair growth. It is because it contains sulphur particles, which protect skin and head, as well as they participate in the process of strengthening hair roots.

We are living in times, when the condition of our skin, hair, or even nails are for many people an information about our lifestyle and how we take care of our health. It is worth to ensure that we are positively perceived by others. If you really care about your health and looks, then biotin for hair is one of the substances which are really worth taking.

Biotin tablets can help?

The simplest and the most effective method of taking biotin, apart from a balanced diet, is vitamin supplementation. Biotin tablets are an easy way to ensure a healthy skin, shiny hair and strong nails.

Everyone who has decided to take biotin tablets noticed a significant hair growth, their hair became thicker as well stronger. Their general condition improved, hair started to look healthier, became easier to manage and stopped to fall out so easily. So biotin hair is worth it?

biotin tablets, biotin hair

Another advantage of biotin hair is the fact that it causes no side effects to a human body. It is also nearly impossible to overdose this vitamin. Its excessive amount is always excreted from the body.

However, vitamin deficiencies from the B group, including biotin, are really dangerous. Symptoms of biotin deficiency are visible at first glance: grey hair, excessive hair loss, broken nails, unhealthy complexion… Biotin deficiency can also affect your general well-being, makes you feel sleepy, and may cause problems with weight or even depression.

Biotin hair. But only this vitamin?

Some may think that if biotin has strong properties regarding hair growth, then it does not have any other significant functions. Combination of biotin and hair is the first association that comes to our mind, when it comes to its purpose. Nothing could be more wrong.

Biotin enhances glucose metabolism, which is very important for people who want to lose weight faster and diabetics.
Scientists confirm that biotin also affects the proper functioning of a nervous system. It positively affects our well-being and has analgesic properties.
Biotin tablets are a perfect method to provide yourself vitality, health, and good looks.

Biotin tablets. What if I don’t like taking tablets?

A lot of people has problems with maintaining a balanced diet. We’ve previously mentioned that one of the simplest methods of providing the appropriate amount of biotin are tablets. However, lets face the truth – people very often tend to forget to take tablets, because it is a not pleasant thing to do… Would the same happen if we could eat delicious JELLIES?

Does it sounds like a joke? Or maybe like a dream?

Everyone loves jellies!

JELLY BEAR HAIR decided to meet the needs of people (who can resist delicious jellies?). They created a product that no will forget to take.

Biotin tablets – no? Biotin hair – yes!

JELLY BEAR HAIR contains even 500% of biotin. What is more, they contain niacin, vitamin E, zinc, selenium, copper, and vitamin A. This is a vitamin bomb, which is at the same time a delicious snack. One jelly has only 3 calories.

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